Susan Cutter
Paintings on Paper


Lily Heart

Rezoning ...
Rezoning - my Quest for my new life. In 2009/10 my sweetheart and I relocated to Woodhaven to secure better living, studio, parking and garden space. A few happy if stressful months after moving to our new home, he passed on. Since then, my days and my dreamlife have been filled with the struggle to both grieve him and to acclimate to the new life I am constructing, day by day. I was unable to paint for almost two years. The paintings in this gallery loosely refer to my arduous explorations and development of new structures in my life.

The Towers
The Towers - loss and exploration. A quest for peace and acceptance of mortality.

Clack, ©2008

Mainly Birds: Waterside and Marshlands


Alight,  ©2007

Butterflies and Sunny Fields

Totem,  ©2002

Heraldry and Willing Service


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